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CGTN “Asia Today” Winsun 3D Printing Future Architecture


3D printing (3D Construction Printing) shaping the construction sites with the futures technology today.


Living in the future: The wonders of 3D printed products now include office buildings, homes and more. It’s all coming at cheaper prices, and with less impact on the environment. In east China’s Jiangsu Province, the technology is rapidly turning concepts into reality.

CGTN is China international television, the new international communication agency of China central television, the first global English channel in China, the first news channel broadcast in non-native language in China, and the flagship channel of China universal television. Found in 2016, Dec.12.31, CGTN comprises six TV channels, three overseas substations, one video news agency and a new media cluster, providing good service, offering global audiences with rich content and professional quality.

CGNT undertakes the responsibility and mission of connecting China and foreign countries and communicating the world, aiming at providing abundant information, distinctive Chinese perspective and broad world perspective. Let the world know about a three-dimensional and colorful China, show China’s good image as a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order, and contribute to the building of a community of Shared future for mankind.

As the world’s first real 3D printing construction high-tech enterprise, Winsun do not only leads the industry in the construction technology of 3D printing, but also focuses on environmental protection and sticks to the mission of “making the sky bluer, the water clearer and the mountain greener”. It integrates solid wastes such as urban buildings, steel plants, coal chemical industry and power plants so that the buildings will no longer generate garbage.

CGNT Asia Today has delivered a green Chinese business card with a sense of science and technology to the world by reporting Winsun 3D printing architecture technology.

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