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Hello, today you are going to a place called Suzhou, I think that’s how it’s pronounced in eastern China to go into your construction company who think that they have found a way of solving the country’s housing problems.

No fill not weird all wacky! Although the buildings in this open-air showroom share one oddity, they’ve all been constructed by a very special, very speedy, super accurate builder, employed by Mr. Mayihe, the boss of Winsun.

The centerpiece of Mr. Ma’s construction empire is an exuberant detailed french chateau.

The house is 1100 square meters. How long did it take to build this? One week with one person.

So only one person builds this entire house in one week. How is that possible? I think you’re lying. This 3-story 9 bedroom 4 bathroom mini-mansion was built in just one week by Mr. Ma’s builder. And this is perhaps weird, it reincarnates other dead houses.

We use recycled materials from the industry materials from urban demolition.

Very intrigued to see how the rest of these rooms look. This is our dining room. It is getting a slight sense of déjà vu. It’s like an evil villain’s Convention Center. It’s very impressive. I consider this place as lost space it comes with its own crazy man.

So how is this stupendous feat of construction performed and who is Mr. Ma’s mysterious Builder? So, these are the columns. And this is a 3D-printed house and this is where the concrete comes out. This is our printer which going through this pipe.

So, the only builder here is one of the world’s largest 3d printers. This is the opening. It’s big with 12 meters wide. Following a digital design the 3d printer extrudes layer upon layer of its own ink made from cement sand and fiber along with setting additives. It’s very fast and uses the minimum of materials and Winsun claims it’s sustainable because up to half of the content is wasted. It’s better controlled if you replaced humans with machines. Machines can learn, eliminating problems, such as management issues and builders cutting corners. These problems won’t exist anymore.

This technology is now going global. The Danish company Cubot have Inc jetted Europe’s first printed structure as a precise kit of parts that can be quickly assembled into buildings with almost zero waste. Buildings which according to Mr. Ma are very sturdy.

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