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In Salalah, Oman's second-largest city, known for its vibrant energy, stands a striking new landmark that seamlessly blends with the rich local Arabian ambiance.

This location, once a port for Zheng He’s fleet during his maritime voyages, now hosts the impressive “Zheng He Memorial Monument,” symbolizing the friendship between China and Arab nations.

Recently, the Chinese Embassy in Oman held a completion ceremony for the Zheng He Memorial Monument near Salalah Beach. The event was attended by over 200 representatives from Oman and representatives of Chinese-funded enterprises. It also attracted a large number of local residents and tourists.

China’s Ambassador Li Lingbing in Oman mentioned that the completion of the Zheng He Memorial Monument is extremely significant, coinciding with the 45th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Oman. He expressed his belief that this unique landmark would symbolize the continued advancement of Sino-Arab friendship in the new era.

Sails Against the Clouds, Journeying Through Day and Night

Inspired by the epitaph in “The Record of the Divine Responses of the Heavenly Consort” – “Sails Against the Clouds, Journeying through day and night,” the Zheng He Memorial Monument, crafted by the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (BIAD), embodies the essence of Zheng He’s fleet, with its main structure mimicking ocean waves and a ship’s bow, symbolizing the courageous journey through turbulent waters. Winsun Construction Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. built the monument using its proprietary 3D printing construction technology.

On-Site Printing, Effortlessly Creating Curved Walls

The monument, standing at 9.96 meters tall and covering an area of 900 square meters, features three curved surfaces. Given the construction challenges and high material consumption of traditional methods, the China Communications Construction Company in Oman, in collaboration with Winsun, decided to use an on-site 3D printing approach. Two sets of 3D printing systems were employed, working in tandem to print the structure.

To guarantee the fulfillment of expectations for the Zheng He Memorial Monument, Winsun’s 3D printing construction equipment and building inks were transported overseas. Following successful tests, including trial printing, strength sampling of trial blocks, and precise positioning and control, the monument’s full-scale printing started. The layering of the building ink, gradually sculpted the V-shaped “hull” of the monument, not only showcasing the scientific precision of its structural design but also illustrating the profesionalism of Winsun’s 3D printing technology.

Winsun has repeatedly responded to the “Belt and Road” cooperation initiative, leveraging the advantages of its 3D printing construction technology to expand globally and using architecture to witness the continuous new achievements of China’s “Belt and Road” initiative.

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